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Attocube systems AG
Arun Microlectronics limited
Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) Ion Gauge Controller, UHV vacuum-compatible stepper motors (VCSMs)
BUCK Scientific
Buck Scientific, Inc. has more than 10,000 satisfied instrument users in over 40 countries. We support a wide variety of customers in the industrial, environmental, quality control, mining, plating, and educational markets. Our engineers and chemists are continuously developing new applications to serve particular needs. Please call us Toll-Free to find out how we can provide help for your specific requirements
Cryomech was founded in 1963 by Professor William E. Gifford, the inventor of the Gifford McMahon Cycle and the Pulse Tube Cycle. In 1992, Cryomech developed it's first Liquid Nitrogen Plant, the LNP40. In 1999 Dr. Chao Wang developed the first commercially available 4k Pulse Tube Cryocooler. In 2007 Cryomech has introduced the LHeP12 and 20 Liquid Helium Plants. Cryomech is a recognized leader in new cryorefrigerator (cryocooler) design and manufacturing. We developed and produced the world’s first 4K Pulse Tube Cryorefrigerator (PTR). We also manufacture the largest variety of single stage Gifford-McMahon Cycle Cryorefrigerators available anywhere.
Hiden Analytical
Hiden Analytical主要產品為氣體質譜儀及電漿檢測儀器,提供製程及表面科學相關服務及應用.
Kepco, Inc., headquartered in Flushing, NY, designs and manufactures well-regulated DC power supplies and associated electronic equipment. Through our 55+ year history, Kepco has acquired a reputation for consistently supplying our customers with the highest quality products. Our designs have pioneered the development of the modern power supply, with such firsts as the first programmable power supply, the first bipolar (4-quadrant) power supply, and the concept of the wide-band operational power supply. All products manufactured by Kepco are backed by a tradition of service that helps customers achieve reliable solutions to their power supply needs. As part of our continuous improvement program, our facility has been approved for certification to ISO 9001 by an accredited certification body.
KSI Kraemer Sonic Industr
KP Technology
Kelvin Probe systems,功函數及樣品表面電位及潛變量測分析系統.The Kelvin Probe is a non-contact, non-destructive vibrating capacitor device used to measure the work function (wf) of conducting materials or surface potential (sp) of semiconductor or insulating surfaces. The wf of a surface is typically defined by the topmost 1-3 layers of atoms or molecules, so the Kelvin Probe is one of the most sensitive surface analysis techniques available. KP Technology Systems offer very high wf resolution of 1-3 meV, currently the highest achieved by any commercial device.
KP Tech
Kurt J, Lesker
Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc.
Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc. is a privately held corporation which has been an international leader in the development of innovative measurement and control technologies since 1968. Lake Shore have expanded the line of cryogenic temperature sensors and instrumentation to include instrumentation and systems for studying magnetic properties of materials. The magnetic measurement product group includes a complete line of benchtop and handheld gaussmeters and Hall probes, vibrating sample magnetometers, electromagnets, magnet power supplies, and Hall generators.
Linkam Scientific Instrum
Nordson Sonoscan

Scienta Omicron
Oxford Instruments
超高真空及各式低溫系統Oxford Instruments aims to pursue responsible development and deeper understanding of the world through Science & Technology.As one of the first commercial spin-out companies from Oxford University, this vision has been at the heart of our business for over 50 years. We use innovation to turn smart science into world-class products that support research and industry to address the great challenges of the 21st Century
Quorum Technologies
Thermcraft 各式高溫爐,鎔爐
We are an international leading manufacturer of high quality thermal processing equipment. We manufacture laboratory and production furnaces, recirculating ovens, vacuum formed ceramic fiber heaters, cast heaters, heater coils, air heaters, ovens, kilns and diffusion heaters, for application temperatures up to 1700°C (3092°F). Our product categories range from standard quick-ship designs, to fully customized solutions. At Thermcraft , customer service is our number one priority!
Thermo Riko Co.,Ltd.
Thomas Scientific
UHV Design
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