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Helium 3 Refrigerator Top Loading - HelioxTL


產品類型 / Product Type:


Cryogen Free Helium 3 Refrigerator -Triton3He


產品應用 / Application:


Triton3He: Based around the same platform as the award winning Triton range of Cryogen-free dilution refrigerators providing plenty of experimental access. It is available with either an integrated cryogenic sorption pump, or a continuous system.


相關網址 / Link:


規格說明 / Specification:


Our cryofree helium 3 refrigerator, Triton3He is compatible with integrated superconducting magnet systems up to 18 T, wiring services or sample loadlock for a complete Cryofree solution.


  • Wide temperature range: 300 mK to 30 K making this an extremely versatile instrument

  • Enables operation in laboratory which would not normally support cryogenic equipment

  • Hold time of more than 50 hours enabled by patented adiabatic multi-expansion 3He refrigeration technology (US patent 6782712, European patent EP1387133 and Japanese patent JP4210568)

  • High temperature stability (± 3 mK at <2 K) provides an extremely stable temperature environment

  • Large sample environment enabling complex experimental set-ups

  • Built in cryogenic pump technology traps contaminants, so no blockages occur during operation

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