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產品類型 / Product Type:


Nitrogen Jet 100K for X-Ray Diffraction - Cryojet5


產品應用 / Application:


Nitrogen jet cryostat for protein crystallography. Cools down proteins down to 85 K in less than 5 minutes!


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規格說明 / Specification:


The new Cryojet5 is designed to work in combination with any commercial X-ray diffractometer or synchrotron.  Its unique nitrogen flow circuit offers complete simplicity of operation with no moving parts and one touch operation.


  • From preserving biological macromolecules through to inorganic crystals, Cryojet5 technology brings a unique set of benefits to the community:


  • fastest cooldown, only 5 mins to 100 K (4 times faster than the competition)

  • "One touch" cooldown and "one touch" shutdown

  • widest temperature range as standard - 85 to 500 K offers broad experimental options

  • most compact design - no pumps or compressors saves valuable laboratory space

  • silent operation - no mechanical pumps means no noise

  • no nozzle icing or blocking - dual nitrogen flow technology guarantees sample integrity

  • most economical: five day run-time.  Option to run the system continuously with the Autofill option

  • optimise your set-up to your lab environment with adjustable flow rates from 0 to 20 L/min

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