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產品類型 / Product Type:




產品應用 / Application:


• Reliable and Fast ESCA Analysis
• Impressive XPS Horsepower Performance
• High Energy Resolution
• Quantification with Industry-Standard Software
• State of the Art Depth Profiling and Charge Neutralisation

d wafer handling


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規格說明 / Specification:


Uniting Omicron´s expertise in nanoanalytics with the latest technology available today, the ESCA+ exactely meets all ESCA needs for routine surface analysis: including state-of-the-art XPS charge neutralisation and ZalarTM depth-profiling, ESCA+ offers all prerequisites for rapid and accurately quantified XPS.


The system´s optimised sputter depth profiling configuration yields impressive performance in today´s XPS market. The chamber geometry and stage design are also optimised for non-destructive Angle Resolved XPS


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