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產品應用 / Application:


The GB5050 is the ideal solution for monitoring samples in a controlled atmosphere. Our advanced electronics monitor Oxygen, Pressure, Humidity and Temperature via sophisti-cated sensors. The GB5050 is equipped to handle auto-matic RHC control from 5%-100%. The optimal sample heater can increase the sample temperature up to 110oC. The presence of a Sample Load-Lock increases the efficiency of the system, with a controlled atmos-phere being maintained whilst sample changes occur.


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規格說明 / Specification:



▲In-Line Kelvin Probe with 2mm and 50 micron tips standard

▲Work Function resolution of 1-3meV (2mm tip), 5-10meV (50 micron with optical table support)

▲50mm x 50mm maximum scan area

▲Tracking System with automatic control of tip to sample spacing

▲Internal and External Pressure di.erential sensors, Oxygen sensor, and dedicated Enviromental Software Suite

▲Fast-Access Viewing Window

▲Rear-window for Light-Injection and Camera system

▲Neoperene gloves and Load-Lock for Sample-Exchange

▲Automatic Relative Humidity Control to 1% (5-100% RH)

▲Sample Heater up to 110°C (Optional)

▲PC controlled SPV LED or QTH light source

▲Full Surface Photovoltage Spectroscopy integration



▲Digital Control of all Kelvin Probe parameters

▲Simple set-up procedure for signal optimization

▲Dedicated Enviromental Software Suite for Oxygen and Pressure

▲Dedicated Software for Automatic Relative Humidity Control

▲Temperature and RH plotting during work function measurements

▲Fast measurement mode for tracking real time work function changes

▲Variable scan size and real-time 3D charting of sample work function



▲Kelvin Probe Head Unit with Integrated Tip Amplifier

▲2mm and 50 micron Stainless Steel tips

▲High Performance Enviromental Glovebox with Gloves, Load-Lock and Sensors mounted on a 900x600mm optical Breadboard

▲3-axis motorised scanning stage

▲Sample Holder and Sample Heater

▲Gold Aluminium Test Sample

▲Digital Control Unit

▲High-specc PC with monitor

▲Pre-installed KP software and Data Acquisition system

▲Spare Tip Amplifier

▲Autosensing Power Supply Units

▲Digital Oscilloscope for real-time signal display


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