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Helium 3 Refrigerator with sorption pump - HelioxVL


產品類型 / Product Type:


HelioxVL is a dipstick-style 3He refrigerator with an integrated cryogenic soprtion pump.


產品應用 / Application:


Semiconductors/Solid State Physics/Superconductivity/Astrophysics & cosmology/Metrology


相關網址 / Link:


規格說明 / Specification:


Achieved using advanced sorption pump technology combined with the specially engineered 1 K condenser and 3He pot.

  • Quick sample change

  • Compact design

  • Low maintenance : An in-built cryopump traps contaminants so no blockages occur during operation.

  • Easy to use

  • Low vibration : The combination of cryogenic pumping and a coil condenser at 1K provides an excellent environment for vibration-sensitive measurements.


Can be combined with a magnetic sample environment:

  • For magnetic fields up to 18 tesla, the HelioxVL is combined with conventional magnetic environments from the IntegraTM product range.

  • For magnetic fields below 6T, a small magnet is mounted on to the IVC tube and provides magnet operation in persistent mode in a transport dewar.

  • Magnetic field configurations

For magnetic fields over 6 T: the HelioxVL is combined with magnetic environments with in the IntegraTM product range.  This range uniquely integrates environments together under software control and provides magnetic fields up to 21 T.  For magnetic fields lower than 6 T and when the cryostat is used in a transport dewar; a small magnet is mounted onto the IVC tube and provides magnet operation in persistent mode (not suitable for sustained field ramping).

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