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Lake Shore

Hall Effect Systems (8400 series) & and FastHall Station (with M91 FastHall controller)

一家創立於1968年位於美國製造在廣泛的溫度及磁場環境下精準量測儀器及控制主機的世界領導公司, Lake Shore的產品幫助科學家及工程師從事應用於電子, 乾淨能源, 奈米科技及其他多種領域的新材料的研究. Lake Shore的量測儀器及感應器被設計在輻射極強震動的極嚴苛環境下長期運作, 很多可靠性極高的Lake Shore的感應器被使用在探測太空的儀器, 例如美國太空總署的James Webb太空望遠鏡


Lake Shore provides instruments for Hall measurement. Our systems are revolutionary, all‑in-one Hall analysis instruments that deliver significantly higher levels of precision, speed, and convenience to researchers involved in the study of electronic materials



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