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產品類型 / Product Type:


Microscopy Cryostat 4K - MicrostatHe2


產品應用 / Application:


Micro-FTIR/Micro-Raman scattering and inelastic light scattering/Micro-luminescence/Micro-Photo luminescence/Micro-luminescence


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規格說明 / Specification


Microscopy Cryostat 4K with the lowest helium consumption and fastest cooldown on the market!


New look, new features, new accessories, new software!



  • Very short working distance

  • 2.2 - 500 K temperature range

  • Low liquid helium consumption - as little as 0.45 l/h using a low loss LHe transfer tube

  • Rapid cooldown: 4.2 K in less than 10 minutes!

  • A compact, light weight system - only 1.8 kg

  • Choice of reflectance (one window) or transmission (two windows) configuration

  • Supplied with the new MercuryiTC temperature controller


Ideal for use with microscope-based spectrometers.


A unique feature of the MicrostatHe2 is its inter-changeable "cold unit" which allows the same core cooling unit to be fitted into a MicrostatHe2 Rectangular Tail or an OptistatCF-V outer body for huge experimental flexibility.


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