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產品類型 Product Type:


Cryogen Free Magneto-optical Superconducting Magnet System 1.5K, 7T


產品應用 / Application:


For magneto-optical applications. Includes a variable temperature insert with temperature range 1.5 K - 300 K and magnetic fields up to 10 Tesla


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規格說明 / Specification


Our cryogen free magneto-optical superconducting magnet system, SpectromagPT is a split pair, horizontal field magnet system that provides optical access to a sample in a variable magnetic field and low temperature environment.



Key features and benefits:


  • Magnetic fields up to 7 T in a compact geometry.  10 T option available on request.  Using the highest specification superconducting wire available on the market, supplied by our sister company Oxford Superconducting Technology

  • Low temperature insert providing sample temperatures from 1.5 K to 300 K

  • No gas flow over sensitive samples; the system uses a static exchange gas around the sample, preventing flow induced movement of delicate samples or measurements probes

  • Quick sample change via top-loading probe.  The sample can be changed while the system is cold.  No need for complicated load-lock mechanism and reloading into the gas

  • No contamination or blockages: using a sealed circulation loop to the sample exchange gas.  This also increases the continuous running period of this system

  • Enables full sample rotation for measurements both parallel and perpendicular to the field.  Via 30 mm clear diameter sample tube

  • Sample rod with optional ±15 mm axial adjustments and 360o rotation around a vertical axis

  • Excellent optical access in the horizontal plane both parallel and perpendicular to the field


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