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The Hiden HPR-20 QIC


產品類型 / Product Type:




產品應用 / Application:


Process Monitoring
In-Situ analysis
Contamination Studies
Environmental Gas Analysis
Thermal Analysis Mass Spectrometry
Catalysis Studies / Reaction Kinetics


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規格說明 / Specification:



  • Robust, flexible, heated (up to 200°C) Quartz Inert Capillary (QIC).
    QIC direct inlet for <500ms response to gases / vapours.
    Continuous sampling of 1-20 cm3 / min from 10 mbar to 2 bar.
    High pressure sampling interface to 30 Bar available.
    Automated Flow Control Interface for constant ion source pressure.
    Liquid Nitrogen cryopanel for enhanced pumping of condensables.
    High Sensitivity (to 5 ppb), mass range to 510 amu.
    Soft Ionisation for the analysis of complex organics.
    Stability (less than ±0.5% height variation over 24 h).
    MASsoft control via USB 2.0, RS232 or Ethernet LAN.
    Quantitative analysis methods.


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