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產品類型 / Product Type:




產品應用 / Application:


The UHVKP020 is the perfect complementary tool for any Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) chamber. Reliable and repeatable results are obtained with ease, thanks to the unique features provided by the ‘Baikie System’. The high quality linear translator included, enables simple tip to sample positioning, and the unrivalled tracking system holds the tip separation constant at all times during the measurement. For thin film studies, sub-monolayer coverage detection is trivial.


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規格說明 / Specification:




  • Work Function resolution of 1-3meV (2-10mm tip)

  • User Defined Tip size (2-10mm standard)

  • User Defined Kelvin Probe Length (Flange to Sample Distance)

  • DN40 (2.75” mounting port) – other options available

  • 50mm Manual Translator (100mm option)

  • Vacuum Compatibility (2 x 10-11mbar)

  • Tracking System with automatic control of tip to sample spacing

  • Off-null detection system with parasitic capacity rejection  



  • Digital Control of all Kelvin Probe parameters

  • Simple set-up procedure for signal optimization

  • Fast measurement mode for tracking real time work function changes (1000 work function points / min at ~20meV resolution)

  • Export of data to scientific analysis software  



  • Kelvin Probe Head Unit with Integrated Tip Amplifier

  • Digital Control Unit

  • Dell PC with monitor

  • Pre-installed KP software and Data Acquisition system

  • Spare Tip Amplifier

  • Autosensing Power Supply Unit

  • 12 Month Warranty  



  • Motorized Translation

  • UHVSKPu Absolute UHVKP

  • Surface Photovoltage modules SPV020 and SPS030


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