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The SKP5050 has been our benchmark system for a number of years and has been applied successfully in research areas such as: organic thin-films, corro-sion, semiconductors, roll to roll solar cells, OLED’s, tribilogy. For advice on applications in your area call the Kelvin Probe Specialists and enjoy the benefits of 30 years of Kelvin Probe experience.


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規格說明 / Specification:



▲2mm and 50 micron tips standard

▲Work Function resolution of 1-3meV (2mm tip), 5-10meV (50 micron with optical table support)

▲50mm x 50 mm maximum scan area

▲318 nanometer position resolution

▲Tracking System with automatic motorized control of tip to sample spacing

▲Additional Manual Height Control (25.4mm KP translation for coarse positioning)

▲Off-null detection system with parasitic capacity rejection



▲Digital Control of all Kelvin Probe parameters

▲Simple set-up procedure for signal optimization

▲Fast measurement mode for tracking real time work function changes (1000 work ▲function points / min at ~20meV resolution)

▲Variable scan size and real-time 3D charting of sample work function

▲Export of data to scienti.c analysis software



▲Kelvin Probe Head Unit with Integrated Tip Amplifier

▲2mm and 50 micron tip

▲High Performance 450x450x500 Faraday Screen and Light Enclosure ▲450x450x12.7mm optical base breadboard

▲3-axis motorised scanning stage

▲Optical Camera with 9” TFT Monitor to monitor tip-sample position

▲Sample Holder

▲Gold Aluminium Reference Sample

▲Digital Control Unit

▲Dell PC with monitor

▲Pre-installed KP software and Data Acquisition system

▲Spare Tip Amplifier

▲Autosensing Power Supply Unitu Digital Oscilloscope for real-time signal display

▲12 Month Warranty


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