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鍍金機 / Sputter Coater


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產品應用 / Application:




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規格說明 Specification:


The SC7620 is ideally suited to the budget-conscious user who none-the-less demands quality results from an easy-to-use instrument. Designed for routine applications, the SC7620 uses a basic magnetron sputter head with a simple-to-replace disc target (gold/palladium (Au/Pd) as standard). The head is hinged for easy operation and fitted with electrical safety interlocks.


The 100mm/4” diameter Pyrex cylinder is mounted on an aluminium collar and sealed with O rings. The small vacuum chamber means pump-down times and cycle times are fast; it also allows a small economical rotary pump to be used.

The specimen stage is height-adjustable over a wide range and can easily be removed to accommodate larger specimens. The system is controlled manually by a 180-second timer with 15-second resolution. Pressure and plasma current are monitored by analogue meters.

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