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產品類型 / Product Type:


Gas Chromatographs


品應用 / Application:


characterization of molecularinteractions of small molecules,proteins,antibodies,nucleic acids,lipids and other biomolecules,enzymekinetics and the assessment of the effect of molecularstructure changes on binding mechanisms.


相關網址 / Link:



規格說明 / Specification:


Oven size:7 1/2"x8"x3"

Temperature:Ambient to 450 degree C

Temperature programming:Column oven temperature is controlled by PeakSimple Unlimited ramps&steps

Carrier Gas flow control: High precision presure regulator w/thermostatted flow controller, calibrated in PSI,regulating gas flow through the column.

Weight: 40 to 70 lbs(18-32 kilos)

Dimensions: 18"Wx14"Dx13"H

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